There are several things had to be done before going to be ILF member. Those things will be faced in selection. The selection is started by opening boot, we open boot in the central of campus. We promote about our activity unit and also open registration for new member of ILF. After that, the candidate of new members have to past from two kind of selection, which are interview and motivation letter, in order that we can know the quality and personality of our member. In 2012 there were more than 360 applicant, but we just took 120 new members. All of part of selection is held for making sure that new members of ILF have good quality and personality, because they are going to hold the future of ILF. That is why we have to be very selective for student who wants to be the member of ILF.


Newbie Early Orientation called for orientating all new members of ILF. They have to face several inauguration, before they are going to be the permanent member of ILF. The inauguration itself consists of several event, such as meet and greet, introduction seminar, management board introduction, and NEO camp. The aim of this inauguration is that to know each other between new member, management board, and last member. And also to introduce more about ILF started from vision, mission, program, regulation, and Art parties. This is our year agenda when they are first time join in ILF. On the other hand inauguration on NEO Camp is a place to elect Ms and Mr ILF. They are going to be ambassador of ILF in one term. They have to always promote about ILF in several event or competition in other university. Election of Mr and Ms ILF is also a form of how we create high quality member, because to be Mr and Ms ILF need high competition with other member. They have to show their best talent in election. Then the adjudicator will see them not just from their talent but their insight.


English Fiesta adalah agenda tahunan ILF dalam sejarah kompetisi debat di Indonesia yang di selenggarakan dari unit kegiatan mahasiswa yang ada di Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Pada tahun ini kami akan membawa tema, One Step One Rhythm for Indonesia. Artinya dengan mengembangkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris kami dalam perdebatan itu dapat berkontribusi untuk perbaikan bangsa kita dengan menciptakan generasi berkualitas tinggi.

Rector Cup

Rector cup is the biggest campus event in Muhammadiyah Malang University presenting many competitions. The competition will facilitate each student in the faculty to show what they got. Some competitions, sport cup till science Olympic will be held in this competition season. International Language Forum (ILF) is one of the OC (Organizing Committee). ILF is trusted by University to hold debate competition in the rector cup. To do this, ILF and UMM will work as a team, supporting each other to success the event. For sure, as an Organization that grounded on the area of language, ILF will have a responsibility not only to hold debate competition but also to enrich the Language Competence of UMM student itself.


Sharing Culture
Sharing Culture merupakan acara yang diadakan guna untuk membagi cerita, pengalaman, ilmu dan lainnya dari dan untuk interns UMM.