My Experience in Taiwan

Rabu, 11 Februari 2015 11:17 WIB  


Her name is Fira. She was born in Malang, on February 8 1995. She is an international relation student. Though she is still in fourth semester, she has visited Taiwan. She got it from Aiesec program. The requirements  she should made are motivation letter, cv, and an interview with a partner from another country. After passing the test, she finally accepted in Taiwan. That is what she has been expected before. She thinks that was a chance should take. So she don’t want lose it. Good jo Kak Fira ;) she absolutely got some interesting experiences. For example, she like environment there, culture and she is more discipline now. She learnt different perspective in Taiwan, which are different from Indonesia such as technology and food. Kak Fira said, “If you have a chance, then take that chance because a chance never comes 2 times”. Yups, we agree with you Kak Fira! ;)