Got so many links after joining Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program

Rabu, 11 Februari 2015 11:09 WIB  


Wan Oktavina, or used to be called “Wan” or “Vina”, is an active student in economic and business faculty, exactly in accounting department. She is in her last semester and doing a thesis. She likes to do many things, but she thinks that she does not expert in any of it. One word to describe her self is VIBRANT!

Wan has many experiences in exchange program. She has been visited some countries when she was attending the youth program. Those are Canada, Cambodia and Thailand. her first big step is when she applied for Ship for South-East Asia youth exchange program on 2009 in her province, Riau island, but she didn’t make it because she was 18 at that time. It means that she was too young for the program. She applied for the same selection on 2011, the path showed her differently. She has been accepted in Indonesia-Canada youth exchange program which held by national ministry of youth and sport and Canada world youth as their organization partnership. The selection is about a local cultural knowledge performance where she has to show the judges how good is her cultural skills, historical knowledge and any kind of soft skills she has, unexceptionally general knowledge and English. She thinks that the most suspicious part about this selection is that ministry held the selection in every province all over Indonesia. So she just has to compete with the local youth in her province. The rule is one person represent each country and everyone has the same chance to be selected. This program is about community development. She became a volunteer both in Canada and Indonesia for 3 months. She was doing community service in both places such as KKN (kuliah kerja nyata). The most important thing to pass this selection is knowledge of local culture and general knowledge. After this program, she got so many links for another exchange program. She got Cambodia and Thailand program.

According to her experience, Canadian is a very polite and respectful person in their way between their curiosity and their hesitation to know and to ask something. Sometimes she found herself frustrated because living in a very different environment. Wan said, “it’s fun to learn the cross culture understanding, so we can build the bridge to connect that differences”. In other hand about ASEAN people she can say, that we are very similar to each other as we know our based culture and history is connected to each other. Even the joke, according to her it's pretty much the same it's easier to mingle with ASEAN.

Some ever told her to put her expectation on a very bottom level of her heart, or the best thing is that you expect nothing. So the attitude she told herself every time she applied for the youth program that "there's nothing to lose". As we know, sometimes we fail sometimes we learn. She has been applied in so many exchange programs and failed many times too. But she keeps trying.

In the end, she said that the most important thing to do to be a part of ASEAN and world citizen is that think like one, feel like one, and be like one. What she means is the unity. Many people say that "Book is the door to everywhere". She seconds that statement, read a lot.