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My Experience in Taiwan

  Her name is Fira. She was born in Malang, on February 8 1995. She is an international relatio...

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My Reward- Dewi Sartika

  Dewi Sartika or you may call her Dewi is a 20 years old girl from Lombok island. She has visi...

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Got so many links after joining Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program

  Wan Oktavina, or used to be called “Wan” or “Vina”, is an active stud...

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Rector Cup

We'll held Rector Cup and it has English Debate, Scrabble, English Speech....

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12th English Fiesta: Stringing Clusters of Equatorial

This event is held in order to celebrate ILF's 13th anniversary. Again we strive to conduct a Na...

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